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Is Houston tree service dangerous?  Yes, Houston tree service is quite dangerous. We employ many trained skill sets to climb safely. This video provides evidence of Delfino's experience. Our FAQ page answers more. Safety is our first priority. View our Kingwood lumber jack Tumblr photos. . Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for documentary film demos. We publish tips on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram & Blogger. It's as easy as Aldine Tree. Followers receive free advice.

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We have delivered Houston tree service since 2001. Our privately owned humble business has a low overhead, and we remove the middle guy. We pass along savings to you. Please complete our contact us web form, and we'll provide a free estimate for metro area Houston tree project customers. Has one of your trees fallen? If you have a fallen tree, Delfino (Delphino) Sanchez offers removal help. For discounts and valuable information, Subscribe to our Google Blog  Bellaire sapling plans don't need to be complicated. We can offer help in the initial planning stages, and help you select the best arbors for the challenging Texas climate. Using Memorial professional timber cutting equipment, we respect home owner's interests, and treat each workplace as if it were our own property. Our team provides an all inclusive safe, friendly, frugal experience. We make it easy, and there is no need to contact multiple contractors. Aldine's Houston tree service removal in Texas is a one stop shop for residential hardwoods, softwoods, ornamental, and commercial business trim needs. 

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Hard Rain, Hurricanes, hail, tropical storms, strong wind, and lightning can create homeowner nightmares. Aldine Tree Services has helped the greater Houston community during crisis events to remove trees fallen atop roof tops.  Preventive maintenance reduces leaning ash and inclining oaks from collapsing hitting home and business structures.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Life is stressful. We answer many FAQ's here. We employ professional timber equipment trailers, chainsaws, and pulleys. Simply use our contact us section, and we'll provide you with a free professional lumberjack estimate.  Delfino is a skilled Palm shaving arborist. We Serve arbor needs for roots native to our area including Ash, pine, bartlett pear, violet crape myrtles, post oak, mulberry, pecan, live oak, water oak, sycamore, Chinese tallow, hackberry, red elm, maple, and red rocket crepe myrtle. We answer client inquiries daily, and posted many frequently asked questions with responses on our FAQ Page.  Thank you for understanding, we can not price a job without physically touching the tree areas in person.

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Sadly, many houston tree service providers happily take your money, and prior to finishing leave to work elsewhere.  Not Delfino. We promise when we start your job, we complete it as detailed.  We love having very satisfied customers, and rely upon referrals for our business. We provide many helpful houston tree removal tips to assist homeowners understand a project well done. Do you have an arbor emergency? If you a have an arbor emergency, Delfino is the expert ready to help. Powerful winds can cause live oak limbs to crack and fall down. Contact us to restore order, and plan your Christmas holiday pine arbor farm.

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Please send 2 to 5+ photos of the service area(s).  Display a tape measure near the base to show the tree girth or diameter.  Please mark trees for removal with a painted "X", or tie with a pink ribbon.  Trees needing a limb cut, or trim can be painted with a Ball Sized Dot, or a green ribbon.  Please send your photos to

contact@aldinetreeservices.com , & provide us permission to enter your property as our schedule permits between the hours of 9am-7pm.  Your photos will help us understand.

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Telemarketers & sales solicitations unrelated to tree business are not welcome to contact us. 

Aldine Tree Service's First Mission Statement is Safety

Safety is our first mission.  Our second priority is to bring you tree happiness.  Our aim is to provide an outstanding tree service experience.  We perform quality safe work, and take great pride in our company reputation.  Our goal is to earn repeat business, and referrals to your co-workers, friends, neighbors, family, and business.  We treat each Memorial cutting project like our only job.  

When informed, we will take precautionary steps to protect your Surar Land septic tank and irrigation system.  These are lines below the ground surface, and we thank your for advising us of this when we arrive to evaluate your Houston tree service. Arbor roots are often inclined to crawl in the direction of moisture or natural fertilization. We use supreme care when cutting dead, decaying, diseased or dying hardwood structures at or below the ground level and close to a septic system.  The stress an arbor root system endures while it is trying to survive will cause them to twist and turn in multiple directions, and create a cocoon effect around plumbing. Raw sewage is not pleasant. Breaking a line with heavy equipment can cause an inundation of horrific sewer flooding. We are aware of contractors subbing out their work to others, and know details are often overlooked. You can avoid these unwanted nightmares by using a reputable Houston tree service.  Aldine Tree does not subcontract. 

We are a full service Houston tree organization. We offer oak trimming, ash limb removal, stump grinding of elms and all forest varieties. Aldine Tree Services provides 24 hour emergency assistance. We maintain maximum safety for ourselves, your home, and property.

Delfino's team performs quality sweet gum work.  Occasionally, we are asked, What is a sweetgum good for?  A sweeetgum is good for many purposes.  According to the source homeguides .com, uses aside from ornamental landscape purposes.  We may feature this on our FAQ and  Google Blogger account pages later.  Here we briefly highlight what they published: 

"Sweet gum trees have various medicinal uses. Their fruit is effective against rheumatic pain. The bark has astringent properties and addresses dysentery and diarrhea. Gum resin from the trees has anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties and has been used to treat bedsores, topical herpes and angina. Boiled and cooled sap makes a balm rich in cinnamic acid, benzyl, ethyl and cinnamyl cinnamate. This medicinally potent balm has been used to treat various ailments, including skin problems. Native American Cherokee tribes applied this resin to treat wounds." We are not medical doctors, however find this to be a fascinating answer to the common question.  This may help save the species.  We can assist you conserve your sweet gum population, and use an old school polesaw to keep it in shape.

Pole saws are an important lumber jack tool. They allow us to reach distant Japanese blueberry, grab tall Nuttall oak limb loose brush chunks safely, and keep your Houston bush orchard healthy. Today is a great time to plant Christmas holiday memories. It's as easy as Aldine Tree. Reap what you sow sustainable forest firewood seeds. To Shave a palmetto requires a fine art skill set.  We rescue many palms every year.  A clean shear creates a touch of sawdust and can remove dead dry decayed sections and allow newly freed pieces to flourish prosper and make a Washingtonia look lush and lively again. Folks often spell my name Delphino.  For more details, please  Visit our FAQ Page.  We are a Houston tree service company, and can help with arbor, ornamental, bush, vine, and limb mending.  We have the knowledge to help rescue an ailing noble sycamore, and can help you understand how to best preserve your hard woods.  We offer free examinations for home and business owners in the greater Metropolitan Harris, Montgomery, and Fort Bend Texas county area.  

We invite our customers who are Google Local Guides to earn points by contributing photos, videos, and reviews of our business to share with the community on Google Maps.  Your photos of our work can result in excellent visual descriptions for users, and may provide helpful insights.  If we understand correctly, Guides receive 10 points for a review, 5 points for each photo, and 7 points for each video.  We welcome the opportunity to provide breathtaking snapshots of our tree artwork. 

When using a Google Home or Amazon Alexa device we want to make voice search easy.  When you ask, OK Google who provides tree service in Houston?  Delfino's Aldine Tree provides tree service in Houston.  Alexa, Who trims trees in Houston, Texas?  Delfino with Aldine Tree trims trees in Houston, Texas.

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Houston tree service presents many different situations. We have had homeowners temporarily displaced from their home come to our business to coordinate meetings and communicate logistics for their individual family needs. Our business office is available to help you on multiple levels.  Delfino looks forward to assisting you achieve your home landscape arbor goals. 

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