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Contact us for Houston Tree Removal.  My name is Delfino (Delphino) Sanchez Vargas. I am the owner of Aldine Tree Service. We are a Small family owned company, and specialize in Tomball Texas arbor emergency limb removal. We cut down diseased ash, prune Kingwood bald cypress, trim Katy live oak, mulch Sugar Land trunks, grind Spring sycamore stumps, and gather Jersey Village pecan nuts. It's as easy as Aldine tree.

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For The Smoothest Estimate experience, Please share the following:

Please send 2 to 5+ photos of the service area(s).  Put a tape measure near the base to show the tree width or diameter.  

Please mark trees for removal with a painted "X", or tie with a pink ribbon

Trees to prune, trim or cut a limb can be painted with a Ball Sized Dot, or a green ribbon.  Please send your photos to contact@aldinetreeservices.com

and allow us entry to your property as our schedule permits between the hours of 9am-7pm.  Your photos will help us comprehend your needs faster.

Aldine Tree Services Houston Stump Grinding

1166 Woolwich Dr Houston, TX 77032

(832) 577-8158


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Join our Blog. Our services include, Houston bald cypress stump grinding., Kingwood shumard live oak removal and Bellaire Magnolia trimming. We provide Jersey Village swamp chestnut pruning, Katy cherry bark arbor cut. We nurture Spring black gum felling. Memorial elm branch topping, and a Sugar Land River Birch chop down are our Tomball logging specialties.

Telemarketers & sales solicitations unrelated to tree business are not welcome to contact us. 

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Houston Tree Removal limb cutting Bellaire stump grinding

New home in Harris County? Too many trees blocking the sun, or a pine touching your roof? Helpful tips
Prior to your move date, try to do the following:

  • Walk the perimeter during day light.
  • Write down troubling questionable spots.
  • Take several arbor pictures.
  • Examine the yards of your neighbors.  Look for dead palm tree signs broken limbs or branches.

After doing your homework, contact Delfino  your Houston tree service removal friend. We haul it away, and leave your home and driveway looking great.

Aldine Tree Service's Mission Statement: Safety & Satisfaction

Our mission is to provide The Woodlands tree removal an outstanding experience. We treat each cutting project like our only job. We offer complimentary home and business forest examinations. We can help you consider the water absorption sponge effect certain tree decisions will make to your landscape. Houston tree service has been impacted by the growth of the city. More development results in less soil with trees, and more concrete pavement which does not absorb water runoff. Flooding is often a temporary state of being, and having a well thought out drainage plan can help provide additional security against short term water level increases. Multiple lines of water and flood defense are very helpful in the climate of Southeast Texas. The right mixture of trees can be part of your drain management program. We offer live oak trimming, ash limb removal, stump grinding of post oak, elms and all forest varieties. Aldine Sugar land tree service provides 24 hour emergency assistance. Delfino's team performs quality work. Some people spell my name Delphino, and I don't take it personally.  We often see Sugarland spelled as one word instead of two. We maintain maximum safety for ourselves and your home. We take great pride in our company reputation. Our goal is to earn repeat business referrals. For more details, please  Visit our FAQ Page.   Similar to people, many trees may resemble one another, however they are all distinct in nature.  Photos are extremely appreciated by our team, and allow us to better understand your situation from a distance, however we will not be able to provide a price until we are able to physically observe your Houston red oak or other native Sugarland arbor in person.  We thank you for understanding, and supporting our family owned Houston tree service.

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