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Is Delfino's team open during covid-19?

Yes, Delfino's team is open for essential services during Covid-19

Delfino is open for essential services during Covid-19. The Texas business environment has seen unprecedented changes.  Our small family owned company is Aldine Tree Services Houston Stump Grinding.  We are performing daily protective jobs to prevent damage to homes, building infrastructure, and removing potential hazards.

We are highly trained in social distancing. We are advising all current or prospective customers to contact us via our secure web page.  It’s as easy as Aldine Tree.  Outside of the virus itself, we request for the safety of your family, and our team that you maintain 5 times the recommended distance. The CDC has advised a minimum 6 feet of separation, however given the everyday perils of the equipment we operate, and the need to maintain our focus, we ask our clients to employ a distance of 30 feet. We appreciate your respectful comprehension for not involving ourselves in the shaking of hands. Do we want to? Yes, it’s ingrained in our culture. Sadly, we accept we are not able to change the behavior of a virus. We know we deliver imperative duties, however need to eliminate the known forms of transmission we can reasonably control.  If you’d like to communicate with us while we’re on your property, please use our safe and efficient secure form.  

Here is a sampling of essential services we perform:

  • Removal of a tree limb which fell on your fence during the last storm.
  • Cut down dead live oak limbs touching your windows or showing warning signs of breaching your security in Cypress.
  • Haul away skinny leaning pines hovering close to your roof and presenting danger.
  • Diagnose giant arbors plagued by emerald ash borers or other destructive invasive pests, and eliminate the diseased areas, or an entire Chinese tallow near Memorial.
  • Reduce breeding areas for Ticks. These are quiet hidden plagues in waiting. They can carry Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, and other transmittable diseases. 
  • Clear a big sycamore which fell on your driveway in Kingwood, and provide you a safe exit to make your important medical appointments.
  • Remove a fallen loblolly pine preventing you from opening your Spring front door.
  • Prevent a broken water oak section from crashing upon your Katy air-conditioner.
  • Identify dead or cracked limbs which surround your satellite dish, fiber optic or high speed internet delivery, electrical wires, natural or propane gas lines, telephone cables, and more. We know if we are able to keep your essential utility services safe from interruption, your ability to shelter in place in The Woodlands will be a success.
  • Clip stubborn hackberry roots from your damaged septic tank needing repair.
  • Tame overgrown pink crepe (crape) myrtles clogging your gutter spouts.
  • Fell a deceased shumard dangerously held in place by a distressed white oak in Sugar land.
  • Thin heavy overgrowth blocking your solar panels from receiving the vital amount of direct sunlight necessary. We have customers in Humble who rely on this to deliver their daily electricity, HVAC and hot water for their living needs.

We are the one and only Aldine Tree Services Houston Stump Grinding, and we are a click away from being able to manage your critical tasks during the coronavirus covid19 pandemic. Delfino has an excellent reputation as an honest fair priced tree specialist, and has served metro Houston since 2001. We cover Harris, Fort Bend, and Montgomery county Texas. 

The tree care industry association has published a tree removal document to further expand upon the topic. My name is frequently misspelled, and I've seen it spelled Dellfino, Dellphino, Delfeeno or Delphino.